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The energy in life is all around us and all through us. It is good and bad, positive and negative. Reiki moves the energy in life from the negative to the positive to enhance well being and relaxation. 

 Have you ever found yourself over-whelmed with life?  Have you ever felt like the stress is running your life and that you can't catch up?  Do you ever find yourself just wishing you could run away; just to remove yourself from all of the chaos of life?  I have also felt that way and have found a comfortable balance.  It doesn't matter if it is work or family or planning a major event.  Reiki has helped me through all of lives challenges.  Reiki has given me the pleasure of relaxation to a level I never knew could exist.  It is the power of positive energy; thus, "Energy in Life".
I work daily with people, from all walks of life, on the emotional level of mind, body and spirit relaxation.   I have worked my own way though life, with Reiki.  I have gone through the major stresses of daily life and have become a better and stronger person.  I understand we all have individual journeys that make our lives.  I am so happy to be able to share my journey with you and ask you call me for the start of your new experience with REIKI.

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